Périodes des armes Pusaka .
extrait de Indonesian Antiques: Types and periods of Pusaka weapons
There are many kingdoms in Java, the most powerful is the Majapahit kingdom who dominated South East Asia. These ancient kingdoms and vassal states produced edged weapons with their own unique style. From the style and the metal type of each weapon we can identify the kingdom which made it and the period of production. While weapons from Majapahit are valued for its age, those from Mataram kingdom are also valuable because of the quality of the process and the art design.

The ancient weapons of PUSAKA type are divided into these periods and kingdoms:

Pusaka KUNO (BUDHO) (1st – 12th century)

  • Jawa Kanda (1st – 3rd century)
  • Medang Siwandata kingdom (3rd century)
  • Medang Kamulan kingdom (3rd century)
  • Gilingwesi kingdom (3rd century)
  • Purwacarita kingdom (5th century)
  • Wiratha kingdom (6th century)
  • Mamenang kingdom (9th century)
  • Hastina kingdom (10th century)
  • Kahuripan kingdom (11th century)
  • Early Jenggala kingdom (11th – 12th century)
  • Pengging Wiraradya (12th century)
Pusaka MADYA KUNA (12th – 13th century)

  • Jenggala kingdom (12th – 13th century)
  • Kediri kingdom (12th – 13th century)
  • Pajajaran Makukuhan kingdom (12th century)
  • Pajajaran Sigaluh kingdom (12th century)
  • Sunda Nykrawati kingdom (12th century)
  • Cirebon (12th century)
Pusaka SEPUH TENGAHAN (13th – 15th century)

  • Jenggala kingdom (13th century)
  • Kediri kingdom (13th century)
  • Pajajaran kingdom (13th – 16th century)
  • Majapahit kingdom (13th – 16th century)
  • Blambangan kingdom (vassal state of Majapahit)
  • Sedayu kingdom (vassal state of Majapahit)
  • Tuban kingdom (vassal state of Majapahit)
  • Madura kingdom (vassal state of Majapahit)
  • Sendang kingdom (vassal state of Majapahit)
Pusaka TENGAHAN (15th – 17th century)

  • Demak kingdom (15th – 16th century)
  • Pajang kingdom (16th century)
  • Madiun kingdom Mataram Awal (early 16th century)
  • Mataram Senopaten (late 16th century)
  • Mataram Sultan Agungan (17th century)
Pusaka NOM (17th century – Present)

  • Mataram Surakarta kingdom (17th century – Present)
  • Mataram Kartasura kingdom (17th century – Present)